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Our Mission

We are an innovative early childhood education company dedicated to bringing the most advanced education and developmental programs to our students through a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leader in the child care industry that develops cutting edge programs to advance the science and understanding of early childhood education, thereby developing the future leaders of tomorrow.

Our Values

Integrity- Committed to doing our best in everything and taking the time needed to do things well the first time.  Maintaining honesty and sincerity in both words and actions.

Individuality- Empowering creativity and originality from each student.  Nurturing the unique development of every student through individual attention and low student to teacher ratios.

Exploration- Facilitating learning and self-discovery.  Using individualized activities and lessons for each age group to promote learning in fun and engaging ways.

Responsibility- Emphasize the importance of individual accountability and leadership through teamwork and peer interaction.

Excellence – Never accepting the status quo and always striving to improve ourselves in all aspects of our care; including our curriculum, nurturing environment, safety, and classrooms.